How to Install, Renew and Update Kaspersky Antivirus?

Kaspersky Antivirus Free Download

This anti-virus is very smart and active to protect your system from any malware virus and Trojans to stops random locking of your files, a backbone of your PC with internet security. The installation procedure is very speedy with a unique integrated technology.

Kaspersky Antivirus for Windows 

  • Keep your operating system, files and personal data secure when working online
  • Scan your entire PC, specific files, folders or drives, from viruses
  • Disinfect and delete infected files
  • Scan all your devices for viruses and update databases

Download and Install Kaspersky Antivirus

  • Download version of KasperskyImage result for download now button png
  • Run the downloaded file
  • Click on continue to install

kaspersky antivirus

  • Then click install                    kaspersky antivirus
  • Now see a request of confirmation  to run the installer
  • Click on “YES

kaspersky antivirus

kaspersky antivirus

  • Please tick the start Kaspersky antivirus checkbox
  • And click on finish

kaspersky antivirus

  • Finally the installation is complete

Renew Kaspersky Antivirus

You can renew the license of a new activation code without waiting for the current license to expire. It automatically with the extra activation code.

  • Open the main application window
  • Click the License to open the Licensing window
  • In the new activation code section, click enter activation code
  • Enter the activation code in the fields
  • Click on add
  • Click on Done button

Automatic activation with the activation code when license is expired by clicking “Activate now

Update Kaspersky Antivirus

For an offline update, Kaspersky follows these simple steps.

You need to

  • 1 USB or any external memory
  • 1 computer with an internet connection

These are the simple steps to update Kaspersky

  • First you have to download Kaspersky update utility
  • Click the files and download
  • Please unzip the downloaded file
  • Run the update Utility-Gui.exe file
  • Click on the applications button
  • Now choose your version Kaspersky
  • And click ok button
  • At last click on the start to download

Change the settings of Kaspersky Update Utility

  • Go to the general tab to modify the application setting and taskbar notification
  • Then go to the connection tab for the specified connection setting and configure the connection
  • Click on download tab to determine the setting for downloading updates and configure  the method saving downloaded files

Change the update source to download faster

  • Open Kaspersky Update Utility
  • Click on the setting button.
  • The  setting window will open
  • Click on the  download
  • Select Other in “Updates source”
  • Go to the Other field and  type
  • Click on the ok to save the setting

kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky is one of the rapid a fastest software.