How to get free Avast Antivirus

Get free Avast Antivirus

How to get free Avast Antivirus

Avast anti-virus performs the best security and privacy from unknown files and another malicious virus.  It contains new and improved for PC, Mac, mobile, Ios, android etc. it is designed for the professional and personal use with the same level of protection as paid version. avast antivirus for windows 10

Download and Install free Avast Antivirus

Set up Mode

Regular installation/Custom installation

  • Log in windows with administrator permission
  • Make sure no application or anti-virus is running
  • Click on “download” and save it
  • Click right on downloaded set up file
  • Select “run as administrator” Regular installation/Custom installation
  • Go to “user control” and click “yes” Avast Antivirus Installer
  • Change language, click on “current language”
  • Then click installations download avast free antivirus 2018
  • Wait few minutes to set up installation 
  • Read the policy and click on “continue” 


  • Click on “continue”

  • Finally, get ready for use 

Avast Account

  • Log into the avast account
  • Click on “sign in”
  • Choose the option, then enter your email address and password
  • Now click on “login”
  • Don’t have account click on “create new account”

Activate Avast Free Antivirus

  • Open the user interface
  • Click on “activate”
  • Then click on “select”
  • It will ask for premium version then click “no thanks”
  • Now antivirus is activated

Set up Avast Antivirus

  • Open free avast antivirus
  • Click on the”settings”
  • Uncheck “enable avast email signature”
  • Click on “sounds”
  • Uncheck “enable avast sounds”
  • Click on privacy
  • Then uncheck “participate in the avast community and participate in data sharing
  • Click on “components” and click on “customize”
  • Click on “actions”
  • Now select option (virus, pup, suspicious)
  • Select “action” / if action fails then move to “chest” and fix “automatically”
  • Click on “ok” to save the settings
  • Again click on “ok” to get back on main user interface

Avast Free Antivirus Customer Support 

24*7 hours reliable support service for all the issue and errors by the huge team of well-mannered and technicians. Perfect and exact solution for the issues compatibility issue, subscription renewal issue, billing issue etc.

Problems with Avast free Antivirus

How to solve an error with Avast Free Antivirus?Problems with Avast free Antivirus

Avast is largely used by the user providing quality protection from all online dangerous anti-virus to protect your desktop, windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad with threat detection. It is antivirus solution program to work on multiple operating platforms

Avast Antivirus Error

  • PC crash issue
  • Problem in updating and uninstallation
  • Security software freezing issues
  • Renewal and subscription issue
  • Blocked website issue
  • Problem in configuration for internet, devices and peripherals
  • Error in numeric codes
  • Troubleshooting issue
  • Firewall issue
  • Software product keys technical issue
  • Avast won’t start
  • Configuration and corrupted or backdated files

Avast Won’t Open


  • Login to the window as user
  • Confirm on other antivirus software is running
  • Click right on “start”
  • Go to menu and select “apps and features”
  • Select your version and click on “modify”
  • Go to “user account control” and enter “yes”
  • A new window “avast set up” opens and select “repair”
  • Wait a few minutes for setting
  • Click on “done” after completing the repair process

Avast Antivirus UI Failed to load

  • Log in to window as user with administrator
  • Click on “Win and R” to run the “windows service”
  • And press ok
  • Click right on “remote desktop services” and choose “properties”
  • Select “menu” and click “automatic”
  • Select “apply” for the changes
  • Restart your PC to open “avast antivirus” again

How to close Avast

  • Click right to open “Avast”
  • Select “open avast”
  • Click on the “settings”
  • Select “troubleshooting”
  • Click on “enable avast! Self-defense module”
  • Press “ok”
  • Now a warning message will appear, read it carefully and if you are sure to continue, then click on “yes”
  • Now close the window
  • Press “ctrl-alt-delete”
  • Select “task manager”
  • Click on “avast antivirus” and press “end task”

Avast Antivirus customer Support 

Avast Antivirus customer Support

Experience the technical issues and errors get the proper solution without any efforts. The correct assistance to settle issue in an accurate manner.