Avast Problem with Window 10

Avast Antivirus

Avast is well known and perfect way to remove all the harmful virus like worms, Trojans and malicious software’s. It is best in the phishing protection and email filtration with full safety and security.  Avast protects your mobile phone, windows, Mac and other electronic devices.

Avast Antivirus Issue

If you are facing issues such as

  • Internet issue, time related issue
  • Crashing issue
  • Windows won’t update

Solution of Avast Problem with Window 10

  • Update Avast before installing anniversary update
  • Repair Avast
  • Boot into windows safe mode
  • Add new user account in windows
  • Run the system file checker tool

Recover the bricked PC

  • To recover you need (8GB USB drive) and spare computer
  • Download “Media Creation Tool” to create a bootable USB drive
  • Check your system for any update

Steps for Solution

  • Turn on your PC when it shows blue screen
  • Now choose keyboard language
  • Select the “use another operating system”
  • Then choose the other “ windows 10 on volume X” (X stands for number)
  • Sign in the account(if required)
  • Now your system restart’s and close any error appears on your screen
  • Click on the “download tool”
  • Now click double on the file (MediaCreation Tool.exe)
  • And click on “Run “
  • Click “yes “ to proceed
  • Now click on “accept”
  • Click on the option “create installation media” and click “next”
  • Choose the language, edition, architecture and click on “next” 
  • Click on the “USB flash drive”
  • And click on “next”
  • The name of the connected USB will appear in the wizard now select it 
  • Click on “refresh drive list”
  • Click on “next”
  • Now go to bricked PC and click right on blank area at the taskbar
  • And click on the “task manager”  


  • Select the ”file”
  • Choose “Run new task”
  • Click on the “create this task administrator privileges”
  • Now click on “browse” and search the USB drive location 
  • Select the file “setup.exe” and follow the steps to upgrade Windows
  • Uncheck the boxes “check for new updates” and “help make this version better”

Avast Problem Customer Support 

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